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List of Pro-Ferguson Community Celebrities


  1. John Legend
  2. Reagan Gomez
  3. Orlando Jones
  4. Young Jeezy
  5. Jesse Williams
  6. David Banner
  7. Keri Hilson
  8. terrence J
  9. tika sumpter
  10. taraji phenson
  11. lala anthony
  12. Janelle Monáe
  13. Chrisette Michelle
  14. Jean Grae
  15. Common
  16. Talib Kweli
  17. Tatjana Saunders
  18. angela simmons
  19. Tracee…

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Land of those who fight to be free
and the home of the brave
I observe more than I speak.

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can I get this tattoo’d to my head

Bruh. Say it with your fuckin chest! 


Anonymous said: views on the ferguson shooting?


I was gonna make a video about this but it’s too overdone, maybe I will when it calms down.

But basically, I think it’s good that they’re not being passive about it. I’m glad they’re standing up for something and rioting over a just cause. Time and time again you see shit like this happening, police killing our black youth for no fucking reason. Usually there’s a march or something or bitch ass Al Sharpton says something about it and then the next week we all forget about it.

All the looting and damage to stores might not be positive but in my opinion it’s justified. It sends a message. A message that says we’re sick of this shit and we’ve had enough.

We have to learn to stop fearing these officers and learn to give them what they’ve been giving us for soooo many years. It’s a shame that this is even still going on in 2014. This needs to happen every time these crooked cops step out of line. We need to rebel every time. All these stores and stolen items can be replaced, but Mike Brown isn’t coming back. His mother will never get to hold him in her arms again. His friends will never get to joke around with him again. His family never gets to see him be happy. He never gets to go on to college and live his life. That’s what people fail to realize. So good, turn shit up. Don’t let his death go to waste. It could have been me, it could be you. Our younger generation. We have to lead by example and show them that we’re tired of losing our people for nothing.

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So did anyone hear about the officer who placed a woman under arrest for breastfeeding in NYC? She went to get on her bus, he pulled her back by the collar of her shirt, and as a result she dropped her 3 month old baby. He still placed her under arrest while her baby was lying on the concrete with a cracked skull. Her daughter died at the hospital while she was at the police station. He’s on PAID leave.

What? Naw man.

Wtf this cannot be real.

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Deanne Roye